Web Design Moray

So you’re searching for “web design Moray”, which means you have already taken the first big important step to bringing your business online.

Think of the possibilities.  Currently your business is restricted to around 30,000 people, the population of Moray.  By moving online you are opening yourself up to a huge ever-expanding market, which could potentially cover the entire planet.

Let’s take for example a business based in Moray, selling shoes.  Currently you rely on passing trade from local customers and visitors.  Start your own eCommerce store and suddenly you are selling to millions of people all around the world.

However, it is not all easy sailing.  By selling to millions (of not billions) of people, you are no longer just competing with the other stores in Moary, you are competing with stores all over the planet.  That means that you must have a pricing structure in place which ensures you will be competitive.

By searching for “web design moray” you are recognising the fact that many of your potential customers, even those based in Moray, are already searching for the supplies and products online.  By definition you are already competing with millions of other people, not just your own local competition.

Of course there are people who will always want to purchase their products offline, so that they can feel tangible goods before they actually buy them.  However, this share of the market is falling every day, and a business based in a small place like Moary has to consider the future.

Poppy-Design are a small web design business based in Moray, providing quality web design at a fair price.  Their range of customers covers commercial and industrial, as well as the service and retail industry.  When searching for “web design moray” consider Poppy Design seriously, as they offer a superb option for most businesses, and can get your online campaign up and running pretty quickly.

Thanks for reading, we do hope you will visit the website of PoppyDesign, and allow them to quote you for any future web design projects you may have.

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You Need a Search Engine Optimisation Consultant?

Many small businesses start-up producing a business plan, which is great, however, what many often totally overlook is any sort of monthly budget for search engine optimisation services.  Spending thousands on a quality website will probably produce astounding results (with the right designer), but without the right SEO marketing plan your website may just sit dormant without any regular visitors.

So how much should you budget for SEO.  It is quite simple a “piece of string question”.  The bigger the budget, the better results you should expect.  A fair benchmark to use is that if you spend £2,000 on your new website, you should set a monthly budget of 10% this figure, so around £200 per month.

A search engine optimisation consultant will be able to work with you from day one, even before your website is launched, by finding the right keywords for you to target, and implementing those keywords into your website.

Keyword research is a fundamental aspect of SEO, which dictates the entire project from day one.  Without proper keyword research you may find yourself on page 1 for phrases which only receive low volumes of searches per month. A search engine optimisation consultant will be able to give you some estimates as to the kind of search volume you can expect from your target keywords.

The ongoing monthly work involves making changes to your website, identifying new keywords, and implementing the required changes to your website. On some occasions a search engine optimisation consultant may work in conjunction with your web designer to put any changes in place.

With the right search engine expert in place, you can look to get your website to page 1, and start rbinging in visitors who are looking to spend money and start paying for your website.

Author Bio

This was a guest post by David Hamer from MakeUsAWebsite, cheap web design provider.

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New Year – New Start 2011

Well this is going to be just a quick post to wish everyone a nice happy new year and getting back into seo is always a bit of a challenge as I like to spend a week off the computer over Christmas to give my mind a chance to relax. Continue reading

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Password Protection Is Vital To Good Seo

Well it is that time of the day again and I am looking to go a little off topic and discuss more of a security concern that is prevalent to many seo companies and seo consultants in the UK. The issue I am talking about is passwords on accounts and the risk of using the same password over and over. Continue reading

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Search Engine Optimisation in Wiltshire

Well as a wiltshire based company I have decided to have a good old crack at focusing some long tail keywords for seo or search engine optimisation in Wiltshire. One of the most difficult things as a seo is finding the time to optimise your own website for the keywords you want.

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Every Answer in Seo is Available on the Web

I just wanted to leave a quick post today to say that every single seo area is covered in detail on some web forum or blog on the internet. Many people think there is some kind of secret world in seo and the answers they are reading are just part of the deal, but really it’s not. Continue reading

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Do Link Exchanges Work? Yes

Well I felt I wanted to address link exchanges today because they seem to still give people some confusion as to whether they work or don’t work. Asking a few of my clients about them, they all said the same thing and that was that they thought link exchanges were bad. Continue reading

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